Joe Jackson: "All of Them Should Pay" for Michael's Death

"We want justice," the singer's father said

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    "I'm mad," father Joe Jackson said. "I didn't know he was taking that type of medications. ... We want justice."

    Michael Jackson's father said the family wants justice for the King of Pop but he stopped short of placing the blame on anyone for the singer's sudden death.

    "I'm mad," Joe Jackson said. "I didn't know he was taking that type of medications. ... We want justice."

    In an interview on NBC's "Today" show, the elder Jackson broke his silence about his son's shocking June 25 death but refused to finger a suspect in what the coroner ruled last week was a homicide.

    "We want justice," he said. "All of them should pay that's involved."

    Jackson's death was ruled a homicide last week after the Los Angeles coroner’s office determined the King of Pop was felled by a lethal dose of the powerful anesthetic Propofol. 

    Papa Jackson said he was unaware of his son's drug use and had no idea what kind of medication he was taking at the time of his death.

    Dr. Conrad Murray, the singer's personal physician who was with him the day he died, could soon face manslaughter charges in connection to administering the drug to Jackson for a sleep aid at his rented Holmby Hills mansion.

    The elder Jackson remained mum when pressed on whether he thought the doctor should face charges.

    Murray told cops he gave the drug to Jackson intravenously for six weeks before he thought the singer might be developing an addiction to it.

    The day Jackson died the singer had reportedly been begging Murray for what he called his "milk" for six hours.

    There were 82 minutes that passed before Murray called 911 and the doctor didn't tell emergency room personnel that he had given Jackson the drug, according to reports.

    The elder Jackson spoke after the King of Pop was awarded a star on the Palms Casino Resort Walk of Fame this weekend on what would have been his 51st birthday.

    "I wish he was here to see this take place," Joe Jackson said at the ceremony.


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