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"Glee's" Jayma Mays Is Ready to Get Her OCD Character Dirtier

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Is Glee’s guidance counselor Emma Pilsbury finally getting over her OCD tendencies with some TLC from her dentist beau? Jayma Mays thinks so.

“I definitely think [the producers] are pushing Emma towards a wonderful arc,” says Mays, who promises big developments in her character’s romance with Carl (played by John Stamos).

“They're pushing her towards getting a little bit more ‘well,’ if you want to call it that or say it that way,” she tells PopcornBiz. “Even though I hate saying that she was sick – she wasn't sick before. But I think she's becoming a bit freer, a little bit more fancy-free – I think that's the word! And I think they're kind of pushing her in that direction a little more, which is nice. It's giving her somewhere to go.”

Mays says that as Emma and Carl’s relationship blossoms, it may also run the risk of entering a danger zone. “But I think it's a danger zone in a good way. I think he's pushing it on her in a fun way, in a healthy way. He's helping her break free a little bit, which is exactly what she needs. And you know, it's possible that she needs this relationship for her relationship with Will to work one day – that's what I think.”

While Emma gets less uptight about her neat-freak, uber-structured routines, Mays is also relaxing over the one nerve-wracking part of her gig: singing and dancing. After knocking it out of the park on “Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a Touch Me” in the “Rocky Horror” tribute episode, she’s ready for another number.

“I would like to do some more – you know, it's not something that I do every day, so I get anxiety when I think about having to do it,” she admits. “But I'm finding it more and more fun and I love the challenge of it. So I would – any time they want to throw a number my way I'd be happy to do it.”

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