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Drew Barrymore Sends "The Onion" Cookies; Area Man Is Thrilled




    Writers from the satirical newspaper "The Onion" shared the year's most wacky and wonderful stories with journalists at the National Press Club Thursday night. And marveled at the reading public.

    "People seem to have lost their bull---- detectors," said writer Dave Kornfeld. "We discovered that the best and cheapest way to give the news was not to send reporters out to cover it, but to create it. But people don't really sue us because they'll come off pretty lame."

    As real news now sometimes seems made up, "The Onion" has seen it's fake news occasionally picked up as legit. A recent story about a rambling email from President Obama to the American people was posted to real news websites as an actual true story. That's something the paper's writers find bemusing.

    "What we do is protected under satire," quipped Seth Reiss.  "For the most part, it's fun.  But it's fake. It's a joke, people!"

    Barry Glassman Hosts Annual Chef Night Charity

    [NATL] Barry Glassman Hosts Annual Chef Night Charity
    Barry Glassman hosted his annual Chef's night charity event to benefit the National Brain Tumor Society Thursday night at K Street's Teatro Goldoni: "I lost a friend 22 years ago and I've been fighting his battle after he lost his and trying to find a cure ever since," he said. (Published Wednesday, July 6, 2011)

    Though the writers argued that the biggest story of the year was, without a doubt, the midterm elections, the audience asked more questions about their coverage of political personalities -- and even celebrities. 

    And "The Onion" staff, not surprisingly, riffed on that, too.

    Harrison Ford Had Great One-Liners on "Morning Glory" Set, Says WUSA Anchor

    [NTSD] Harrison Ford Had Great One-Liners on "Morning Glory" Set, Says WUSA Anchor
    WUSA morning anchor Mike Hydeck was feted last night during a private screening of "Morning Glory" sponsored by Paramount Pictures in Gallery Place in Chinatown last night. The newsman has a cameo in the comedy. WJLA's Rebecca Cooper dished to Niteside about her own behind the scenes screw ups. (Published Wednesday, July 6, 2011)

    "I think they can appreciate the humor," said Joe Garden. "We did [a story on] Drew Barrymore and she sent us cookies. That was pretty cool."