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Redskins' New Nike Jerseys Look Like Old Ones




    Tuesday, Nike and the NFL began their five-year partnership by holding an extravagant release event.

    Yet, other than the Seattle Seahawks' complete overhaul, the changes to the other 31 NFL teams' uniforms were anything but extravagant.

    That includes the Washington Redskins:

    Darren Rovell on WhoSay

    If I didn't know any better, I'd say that those Redskins jerseys look exactly the same as their previous Reebok-sponsored ones. That's because they are exactly the same as their previous Reebok-sponsored ones.

    The only difference (as is the main difference with all 32 teams) is the material used to make the jerseys.

    Nike's "Speed Machine" template is "30 percent lighter when dry and 50 percent lighter when wet," which is similar to Reebok's rehaul of the NHL with their "Edge" jerseys in 2007-08. Unfortunately, unlike the Washington Capitals, the 'Skins did not make any drastic changes (though Brian Orakpo told Hogs Haven that there is an alternate jersey that has yet to be revealed).

    It was believed, however, that the Redskins would indeed make sweeping changes of their uniforms, even getting rid of the controversial "Indian Head" logo on the helmet,  but that is only if you believe designs posted on a random website over two years ago. Oops.

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