Going for Gold, One Shovel at a Time

Custodians put in hard work for the kids

Cue John Williams' "Olympic Fanfare and Theme" because we have our very own gold-medal winners in Fairfax County.

No, Apolo Ohno didn’t take up residence in Virginia, but we have the next best thing: five custodians from the Glen Forest Elementary school. Yes, that’s right, they are gold-medal custodians.

While we were all snuggled up nice and warm in our blankets watching the women’s cross-country ski competition, there was another competition taking place at home in Fairfax County: man vs. snow.

The five custodians worked long hours shoveling, chipping away at ice and salting walkways to prepare for Tuesday’s school opening. Together they worked as a team, with one aim in mind: bringing home the gold, or rather, revealing pavement, all in the name of education.

As of yet, snow shoveling is not an official Olympic sport, but it does take strength, endurance, and a healthy dose of Wheaties. So, in honor their hard work, the five each received a gold medal and a red rose bouquet -- a small thank you for a big dose of help.

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