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Fixes for 80% of Metrorail System Means Delays for Riders



    Metro Safety Changes Will Bring Big Delays for Daytime Riders

    The smoke-filled Metro tunnel at L'Enfant station earlier this year is one concern now prompting big safety changes. One woman died. Several others became sick. News4 Transporation reporter Adam Tuss explains how those safety changs could mean big delays for even daytime Metro riders. (Published Thursday, June 11, 2015)

    Metro will be fixing about 80 percent of the rail system, meaning more delays and frustration for riders.

    “I’d like to think that the riders would want us to put the safest system out there,” interim Metro GM Jack Requa said.

    Riders should expect single-tracking as Metro makes new safety changes. Power cables need new protective sleeves that prevent water and debris from mixing with high-voltage lines, which an NTSB investigation found could cause smoke and fire.

    The single-tracking will have to take place midday, which the transit agency hasn’t needed to do in some time.

    “We appreciate their patience as we take this necessary action in the interest of safety,” said Rob Troup of Metro.

    The NTSB has been investigating since a woman died and dozens were sickened during a smoke incident at L’Enfant Plaza in January.