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Now Mondays Mean Sundaes

Ben and Jerry's make Mondays a whole lot sweeter



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    There's no need to scream for ice cream when you can now get two sundaes for the price of one.

    The one-two punch of the start of the workweek coupled with your bloat from this weekend's indulgences might leave you feeling a little blue on Monday. Thankfully, the good guys over at Ben & Jerry's have discovered a cure for your case of the Mondays, and it goes by the name Sundaes on Mondaes.

    All summer long, Ben & Jerry's scoop shops are serving up two-for-one sundaes on Mondays. Personally, we think Sundaes on Sundays might have been a bit catchier, but hey, we're not complaining here.

    Now every Monday you can mention this special offer and get double the ice cream, caramel, fudge, whipped cream, toppings, brain-freeze and pure happiness for the price of only one caloric bomb.

    Sure, this is a great idea for date night, carpool treats and social gatherings -- but we've developed our own strategy for this summer deal. Watch out for us hovering in local B & J franchises as we make small talk with any and all unsuspecting, sundae-ordering customers and then pounce on their free sundae offer.

    Oh, and don't even think about calling us moochers. It's a recession, after all.