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DC's Indie Coffeehouses

Mocha without the corporation



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    There are places that offer biodegradable cups AND free all-night Wifi? Sniffle... we knew this day would come. We have found the promised land.

    Sick of paying $5 for a cafe mocha? Here are a bunch of places that only charge, like, $4.50. (But at least it's not going to a huge corporation.)

    Ebenezers Coffeehouse
    201 F St. N.E.

    Ebenezers serves "coffee with a cause" -- all the coffee you'll find here is fair trade, straight from roaster Larry's Beans. The coffeehouse, located in a 1908 diner, is owned and operated by National Community Church, and all profits go towards community outreach projects. Plus, they have crazy good coffee.

    Peregrine Espresso
    660 Pennsylvania Ave. S.E.

    Since opening last summer in Murky Coffee's former Eastern Market location, Peregrine has quickly rose to local stardom. Bright colors, a big downstairs space, and brioche and baked goods from Buzz bakery round out the picture.

    Murky Coffee
    3211 Wilson Blvd.. Arlington, VA

    The iced espresso controversy of last summer had everyone talking, but coffee isn't just a job for the baristas here -- it's an attitude. (Seriously. Don't mess with these people.) Enjoy the artisanal foam swirls on the surface of your drink while you lounge on a 30-year-old couch. Bonus: Outdoor seating and four meter-less parking spaces in front.

    Soho Tea & Coffee
    2150 P St. N.W.

    Soho's one of the few coffee shops you'll find that's open practically all night long (4 a.m. weeknights, 5 a.m. weekends). And the caffeine buzz you'll catch here will help to keep you awake… to stay here even longer. It's a vicious but delicious cycle. The WiFi's "free," but only with a $5 minimum purchase.

    Java Green
    1020 19th St. N.W.

    Organic food, biodegradable containers and the award for "Best Vegetarian Food" from VegDC.com. What more could you ask for? Oh, yeah, fair-trade coffee beans. Despite the name, this spot does seem to have a more food-oriented focus.

    Also see:
    College Perk Coffee House
    9078 Baltimore Ave., College Park, MD

    Java Shack
    2507 N. Franklin Road, Arlington, VA

    Jolt 'N Bolt Coffee & Tea House
    1918 18th St. N.W.

    Mayorga Coffee Factory
    8040 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, MD

    Mocha Hut
    1301 U St. N.W.