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"Touch Me, Tase Me"

An unruly guest screams unusual demand at Secret Service



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    A man gets arrested after screaming "tase me" at Secret Service agents.

    The saying goes, "patience is a virtue." But that apparently doesn't apply for one man who attended "Fashion for Paws" at the Italian Embassy on Saturday night.

    The District’s top fashionistas and socialites attended the Washington Humane Society’s annual fashion show. One of the event’s perks was free valet service. That’s a huge plus, given how parking is a nightmare in D.C., but as the Washington Examiner reports, that led to a disaster for one man.

    But there were not enough staff on hand after show, which left hundreds of intoxicated people waiting for up to 90 minutes for their cars – and that’s where trouble started.

    One guest went out of control and began "fighting like a trapped animal," according to the Examiner

    The man reportedly begged Secret Service officers to touch him and "tase" him. And then he rolled out his credentials: "I go to Georgetown, I work at Google and I am going to have you all fired," said an Examiner "spy" at the event.

    At one point, witnesses said, he actually lunged at the agents, leaving them with no choice but to pin him to the ground and handcuff him. When he was cuffed, he kicked at the officers and actually begged them to tase him.

    The man was charged with disorderly conduct, according to the Examiner.  And by the looks of the video below, he's lucky he didn't get more...