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Olympics-Watching Cat Thinks He's People

And yes, he has favorite events just like everyone else.



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    Mark Seetin
    Who's a good boy?

    How many cats have determined their favorite Olympic sports?

    Well, at least one. Mark Seetin tells us the family cat, Pirate, had never watched TV before, but he's now fascinated with the Olympics, "jumping up on the stand and placing himself (annoyingly) in the center of the screen."

    Turns out that Pirate likes to watch hockey and ski jumping the most. 

    Seetin discovered Pirate's new hobby on Saturday, when Pirate positioned himself up close to the TV, following the skiiers as they jumped, focusing on the tips of their skis. He also really enjoyed hockey, following along with the puck.

    Pirate's 12 or 13 years old, but he's never watched the Olympics before -- he's obviously making up for lost time.

    Seetin snapped a few pics while Pirate basked in athletic glory. "You never can pose a cat," Seetin said.