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Michelle Obama Sends First Tweet

Soon She'll Be Posting Needless Updates Just Like the Rest of Us



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    The first lady sent her first tweet Thursday, signing it MO.

    Michelle Obama may live in the White House, fly on Air Force One, and host world leaders in her own home. But put her in front of a computer, and she's just another confused mom trying to learn the FaceSpace and the MyTweet.

    Yesterday the first lady posted her first official tweet. It was on @JoiningForces, not on an account of her own (so we can't -- at least, not yet -- get all the deets on her sneakouts to Target and PetCo).

    Instead, Mrs. Obama was calling on readers to calling on Americans to support military families by joining a volunteer project, pledging service hours or sending a message of thanks.

    "So, now I just press 'tweet'? I just press this?" the first lady asked in a White House video, after entering her message on a Mac laptop.

    Yes, Michelle, you just press tweet.


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