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Dreaming of a White Wedding

Couple plans to get married in Saturday's snow storm



    Dreaming of a White Wedding
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    A snow storm in Washington. The mere mention has people flocking to the grocery store, then hunkering down.

    That's not possible for Jorge Diaz and Rebecca Bloch. They plan to tie the knot tomorrow at the Westin Grand in Northwest. They weren't counting on several inches of snow.

    Not that a true "white" wedding is all that inappropriate for the lovebirds -- they met on a ski slope in Colorado. Jorge was Rebecca's ski instructor.

    "I romantically love the idea that it could snow for our wedding," the bride-to-be told News4. "We were both born in January, but be careful what you wish for."

    Dreaming of a White Wedding

    [DC] Dreaming of a White Wedding
    A couple plans to tie the knot in the middle of a snow storm.
    (Published Friday, Dec. 18, 2009)

    Fortunately, some of the most important guests arrived early. Twenty-five of Jorge's relatives flew in from Spain on Tuesday, and Rebecca's family lives in Washington. About half of the 125 guests were already planning on staying at the Westin.

    "It's the people driving from the New York and New Jersey area that I'm worried about," Rebecca said.

    No one seems to be stressing though -- not even the wedding planner. One of the fringe benefits of working for a hotel: The staff has a place to stay, so they won't have to drive to work in the snow storm.

    "As a hotel, we have a contingency plan," wedding planner Carolyn Horton said. "We have all our key personnel staying here."

    Even if some guests have to stay home, the happy couple says the wedding will still be perfect.

    "If it's just our families, it's going to be a blast," Rebecca said.

    Jorge sees the snow as an adventure.

    "I think we're really hoping that will make it more exciting -- the fact that the people will have to fight to make it!"