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Art Show for Nerds (We Like It!)

All the art is about robots. We had a dream like this one time.



    Art Show for Nerds (We Like It!)
    (c) Michael Auger,
    We like this guy.

    Alert. Alert. Robots are invading the nation's capital.

    OK, not exactly. But It's Electric, a fun art show, will highlight -- wait for it! -- robot-themed artwork from local artists. Let us repeat: ROBOT-THEMED ARTWORK. The original show date was postponed due to Snowmageddon, but it's finally happening this Saturday night, March 20 (7-11 p.m.).

    The Electric Maid (268 Carroll St N.W.) hosts the show, and tunes will come from the appropriately named DJ Anne Dreud -- yes, pronounced like "android." She'll be spinning techno and "robo-centric" music.

    Local artists featured in the event include Michael Auger, Jared Davis, Todd Gardner and Steve Strawn.

    It doesn't matter if you are into androids, cyborgs or just plain circuit boards -- we're are sure to find something interesting at this art show. Davis has offered, on his blog, a preview of a painting that he will include in the upcoming exhibit. The acrylic on canvas picture features characters with steel-jointed arms and a bucket of cogs and bolts, named "The Devil and the Broken Man."