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Air Guitar Aficionados: The Road to Regionals



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    It's not like the competitors get really INTO this or anything... oh, wait.

    So you can't play more than three chords on a real guitar. Meh. You're still a master on the imaginary one, right?

    If so, then the 9:30 Club (815 V St. N.W.) is your destination spot. The esteemed U.S. Air Guitar will be holding its D.C. Regional Championships this Saturday, June 11. Come watch some of the city's finest as they devote probably way more time and energy than is healthy to this endeavor.

    The competition begin at 7 p.m. Performers will play for one minute each and then be evaluated by a panel of judges based on technical merit, stage presence and "airness," according to U.S. Air Guitar.

    You can buy tix to the Turn It Up to '11 Tour online for $20. Obviously, money well-spent.

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