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Entire City Shuts Down for Triathlon! (OK, Not Totally...)

We really should've listened to DCist...



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    This was definitely not the officer we ran into...

    Don't even think about driving across Chain Bridge to get into the District today.  Because you just might run into the big, cranky, shaved head SWAT team cop with dark sunglasses waiting to bust you for going around the orange construction barrels. Even though there is absolutely no sign in front of the bridge that says it's closed to in-bound traffic. 

    (Nor was there any so-called 72 hours' notice for the in-bound only lane closure, as the Washington, D.C. Department of Transportation had said they would send out in such a case.  Not that we're bitter or anything...)

    Yeah, we realized too late that we really should've listened to DCist when they wrote, "Massive Downtown Street Closures for Triathlon..." (sigh)  But at least we can help you get out of the way of the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Series, right?

    Closed until 1:00 p.m. Sunday:

    • Constitution Avenue, NW from 12th Street to 15th Street
    • 15th Street from Constitution Avenue to Independence Avenue
    • 12th Street, NW from Constitution Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue
    • Pennsylvania Avenue, NW from 3rd Street to 12th Street

    Closed until 1 p.m. Sunday:

    • Ohio Drive, SW from Independence Avenue to W. Basin Drive
    • Independence Avenue from Ohio Drive to W. Basin Drive

    Closed until 2:00 p.m. Sunday:

    • Constitution Avenue from Pennsylvania Avenue to 1st Street, NE
    • 1st Street from Constitution Avenue, NW to Maryland Avenue, SW
    • Maryland Avenue, SW from 1st Street to 3rd Street
    • 3rd Street from Maryland Avenue to Constitution Avenue

    Closed until 3 a.m. Monday:

    • Pennsylvania Ave from 10th to 13th Streets, NW
    • 11th Street, NW from E Street to Pennsylvania Avenue 

    In addition, the U.S. Park Police have shut down these road until 2 p.m. Sunday -- although in some cases these are rolling closures and streets may be reopened earlier than anticipated:

    • Lincoln Memorial Circle southbound to include 23rd Street to Independence Avenue
    • Rock Creek Parkway from Virginia Ave to Parkway Drive
    • Parkway Drive from Rock Creek Parkway to Lincoln Memorial Circle
    • Independence Avenue, SW from 15th Street to 23rd Street
    • Constitution Avenue, NW from 15th Street to 23rd Street
    • West Potomac Park from Inlet Bridge to 23rd Street, to include West Basin Drive
    • Maine Avenue from SE Freeway to Independence Avenue
    • 15th Street from Maine Avenue to Constitution Avenue
    • 17th Street from Independence Avenue to Constitution Avenue
    • Jefferson Drive from 15th Street to 3rd Street
    • Madison Drive from 15th Street to 3rd Street
    • Daniel French Drive
    • Henry Bacon Drive
    • Holocaust Museum alley between 14th and 15th Street
    • Bureau of Engraving and Printing alley between 14th and 15th Streets
    • East Basin Drive @ ramp to 14th Street Bridge (2100-2145)