MoCo Employees Granted Facebook Access

So long, available public services

Working for the Montgomery County government just got a lot more "fun," if that's even possible.

Starting soon, county employees will be granted access to the clown-like social networking site Facebook from their work computers. This means they will no longer have to spend a single minute of the workday doing "work" -- just like in the private sector!

E. Steven Emanuel, the county's rather Orwellian-sounding "Chief Information Officer," claims that "there has been a growing demand from county employees to have access to use the site to conduct county business."

Ah, this is an old story: the employees got their boss to cave with the "we need it for work-related purposes" excuse. Nothing professional happens on Facebook, of course. That's what Twitter is for.

But watch out, county employees, because this is all a trap to get you fired:

Emanuel said the Department of Technology Services doesn’t have the resources or the desire to monitor every employee’s Web habits. But to help keep employees honest on a potentially “addictive” Web site, Emanuel said the county would keep an updated list of its 25 most prolific Facebook users on the county payroll, and let the bosses of those on the list know how much time their employees have spent on the site.

So what we have here is your standard high school computer lab atmosphere.

The 21st Century sure got off to a hot start, didn't it?

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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