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iPhone Users Have More Sex Partners



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    Apple's new iPhone may say something about your sex life.

    There's no bait 'n' switch headline here. What you read above is indeed a discovery, one made using solid data from a large group of fairly random people. In other words, argue all you want, but it's true.

    OkCupid, the self-styled "best dating site on Earth," is by extension also the best repository of anonymous (or, rather, anonymized) data on socially active single people. While conducting a site-wide survey on photography, the Cupideers realized they had a data set of almost 10,000 people that showed two things: A type of smart phone and a number of lifetime sexual partners. The results were strangely non-random.

    At every age group, the iPhone-owning posse has significantly more liaisons under their collective belt, with BlackBerry owners coming in second and Android bringing up the rear. In a controlled snapshot of the 30-year-old age group, depicted in the bar chart above, iPhone-owning women had had 12 sexual partners on average, twice the number named by Android-carrying women of the same age. In fact, although the trend applies to men and women, it's 30-year-old iPhone-owning women who come off as particularly promiscuous — statistically speaking, that is.

    So, what's the takeaway? First, if iPhone-owning singles are not more sexually promiscuous, they're at least bigger liars and/or braggarts. And second, if you're under the impression that — thanks to OkCupid's study — you can actually gauge your chances of getting lucky by the type of phone your intended mate is carrying, you will most certainly fail. I mean, I'm no Dr. Phil, but just don't go there.