Google Glasses Offer an Easier/More Dangerous Future

Future could bring the Internet directly into your glasses


Google apparently wants to turn you into a Terminator.

A new video for Google’s Project Glass shows a man checking the weather, getting directions, and even video-chatting with a friend on special Glasses of the Future (our term).

Someday soon you won't be able to enjoy a nice breakfast sandwich without an email from your smarmy friend Ed popping up in your peripheral vision.

And as for the nonprofit group that wants to ban texting while crossing streets in D.C., well, they'll probably need a fainting couch when they see this.

The video shows data completely blocking out the huge truck speeding directly in front of the user:

You'd think Google could have edited that out. Maybe they don't know how. That must be it.

Google has not announced when or even if the glasses will become commercially available (the video includes the tagline "One day..."), but the company is asking for input from Google+ users on how to improve this type of technology.

Our tip: Stay alive, somehow.

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