Zorn Wants Big Explosion

Coach hoped to have 15 TDs already

With the Patriots coming to town on Friday, the Skins are focusing on the offense -- or the lack thereof.  Panic!  Panic!  Everybody panic!

Jason Campbell's certainly not worried about his lackluster performances so far.  When asked by the Times about the New England game being a bellwether for this team's success, JC demonstrated the leadership that has so many fans on his side:

"We said that going against the Carolina Panthers last year, and we got thumped big time [47-3]; we couldn't do anything. And we start the season 6-2."

Phew.  The Skins and their fans have nothing to worry about then.

Coach Zorn isn't quite as nonchalant.  He said that it is "very imperative" that the first-team put the ball in the end zone.

But if you're worried that he's getting too concerned, relax.  He's totally medium.  He told the Times, "It's not like I'm stressing about not getting into the end zone, yet that's what our goal is every time we put our offense on the field. I would have loved to score 15 touchdowns already."

You and about 3 million other Skins fans, Coach.

One of the reasons, perhaps, that Campbell hasn't lit the league up is that he has hardly played.  He's played just 29 snaps, and his total number of completions and attempts are lowest in the league among starting QBs, according to the Times.

It's hard for him to gel with the offense when he's not playing.  But then when he has played, it hasn't gelled either.  That's quite a tail-chasing problem.

He'll have plenty of chances on Friday.  The Skins are expected to play the first team for the entire first half.  And it'll all be in front of a crowd with high expectations that is just waiting to turn.

JC has plenty of critics in the front office and in the stands.  And if he wants to get them off his back -- at least for a few days -- he's going to need to silence them with a solid performance tomorrow.

Fans aren't looking for the 15 TDs Zorn talked about... but they'd sure settle for three or four.

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