Yahoo: Wiz, Flip Agree on Deal

Web site says verbal agreement reached

Cross a "t" here. Dot an "i" there. And voila, the Wizards have a new head coach.

Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the Wizards and Flip Saunders have reached a verbal agreement on a four-year, $18 million contract, and that all it will take to finalize it is a few signatures.

Saunders was telling associates on Monday that he is accepting the job, and team officials are planning to introduce him at a news conference early next week.

Oh, and about that guy leading the team now -- Ed Tapscott. He's still there. Still coaching. Still dreaming of what his life was like before being suckered into taking on this role in the first place.

Is he bothered by the rumors of Flip coming to town? Hardly.

"It's just best that I not comment on that," Tapscott told the Associated Press before Monday's game. "For me, it's just a matter of focusing on finishing the season as strongly as possible."

And by "strongly as possible," he means "as fast as we can."

It's been fun, Ed. If, you know, you're into pain and torture. Best of luck transitioning back to a front-office gig.

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