Who Can Campbell Trust?

QB looks to get past no confidence vote from owner

Shouldn't you trust who you work for? Or in professional sports, who you play for?

Most pro athletes will say that they play for the fans, or their teammates, possibly their coaches, or even for the love of the game. But then they'll turn around and tell you it's a "business."

And in this business, Jason Campbell plays and works for Danny Snyder.

So when there's a breakdown in trust between employee and employer, as recently occurred when Snyder whimsically dreamt of Jay Cutler mirages in the distance, a negative environment emerges -- not exactly ideal when the focus should be on football.

After Campbell was dangled out like a piece of meat and then quickly retrieved like a last meal, the quarterback, the coach and the owner had a meeting to kiss and make-up.

All parties emerged with uncomfortable smiles on their faces. Campbell, previously feeling not wanted or good enough...kinda...will keep working hard, as he was going to do regardless. And Lil' Danny Boy will relegate to having J.C. as his QB for the last year of his contract, as he was going to do regardless.

See? All is the same, moving on...not so fast.

When asked by Comcast's Kelli Johnson if he trusted the Redskins franchise, i.e., Snyder, Campbell stammered through an answer, saying he can, "probably pretty much control most of the things by just going out this season and having a great year."

That's great kid, but you don't exactly exhume confidence in yourself, or the franchise, especially when avoiding Johnson's follow up question on trust like the plague.

Campbell is a classy guy who will be undoubtedly motivated to prove Snyder, and his lackey Cerrato, wrong. But in an already make-or-break year contractwise, the QB, and the team, could have done without Snyder's waterfall chasing malfeasance.

There's still reasonable hope that Campbell can lead DC deep into the playoffs in his fifth NFL season, just don't expect to see him and Danny Boy doing trust falls at the next company picnic.

Kyle Weidie also writes Truth About It and contributes to Bullets Forever, both Washington Wizards blogs. He has an 86.9 trust fall rating.

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