What's Wrong With This Photo?


We are not sure what to think about two Nats' players -- Ryan Zimmerman and Adam Dunn -- wearing Nationals' jerseys without the letter "O."

Is it a sign of the season to come?  Perhaps this was an effort to raise awareness of the importance of spelling in the curriculum of our schools?  Could it be the economy having an effect on our beloved "Natinals"? Like, maybe they needed those Os to act as zeros on Zimmerman's new contract. Could it be stingy Orioles' owner Peter Angelos' doing? He famously opposed the Montreal Expos' move to Washington, maybe now he wants to have the only Os in the area. Or did President Obama copyright the letter "O" and the Nats refused to pay the White House to license the letter? 

Why do you think the letter was left off the jerseys? Add your thoughts to the comments section below.

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