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Washington Football Team President Surprises 8-Year-Old Sportscaster With 1st Big Interview

News4's Molette Green surprised an aspiring young sportscaster with an interview with Jason Wright

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News4 teamed up with Washington Football Team President Jason Wright to surprise a talented young sportscaster with a dream interview.

George Johnston is just 8 years old, but this third-grader already makes his own show “G4 Sports Talk!” right from his Brookeville, Maryland, home studio.

“I love research, especially research about sports. It got to the point where I could actually speak out in crowds,” he said.

Johnston just made his television debut on NBC4 with Molette Green — but had no idea that Wright — a big get even for a seasoned reporter — was standing by, ready to join their video call.

 “Who could you interview next?” Green asked. “What about the Washington Football Team President Jason Wright?”

Johnston smiled, then his jaw dropped in shock as Wright himself appeared on the screen. It was a total surprise.

News4's Molette Green and Washington Football Team President Jason Wright surprised 8-year-old sportscaster George Johnston with his first big interview.

“It’s Mr. Jason Wright!” He said. “I’m so amazed… I wanna cry right now.”

But the Greenwood Elementary School student quickly put his sports reporter hat on and started asking the important questions.

“Mr. Wright, it’s been eight months into your role at the team. So, what are your future plans for the Washington Football Team?” Johnston asked.

You can catch the interview on the G4 Sports Talk! channel here.

Getting interviews with big names in the NFL doesn’t just happen easily, especially during a busy team-building season. So how did NBC4's In the Community do it?

It all started with photojournalist Irene Johnson, who learned about Johnston from a friend.

“I HAD to get his first BIG interview,” she said.

She wanted it to be a surprise but tipped off Johnston’s dad. He encouraged some extra research, telling young Johnston he was going to enter a contest.

Johnson watched the interview and was impressed with Johnston's skills.

“He was poised and professional like he has done this a million times,” she said.  

George Johnston is certainly a personality to watch in the sports world.

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