Topps Banking on Hankerson, Redskins

John Beck isn’t the only Redskin campaigning for a job when the lockout ends.

Draft pick Leonard Hankerson has made it clear that he considers himself a Redskin, and has tweeted pics of himself in Skins gear on numerous occasions.

Now, he has kicked his campaign into high gear by tweeting pics from a Topps player card photo shoot. The card is part of the rookie-heavy Topps Inception line.

Matt Terl of the the official Washington Redskins Blog has made it clear that although Hankerson is in a No. 85 jersey, “no uniform numbers have yet been issued.”  With the lockout still in place, no players have been signed or released and, as far as the roster goes, Mike Furrey still wears No. 85.

It’s a pretty safe bet that Furrey, who was signed as a free agent last year and was placed on IR before the season started, won’t be returning to the team.

What’s much less guaranteed is whether Hankerson will actually take Furrey’s place. He was drafted in the third round and was one of three receivers picked. Add that to a list of existing receivers on the roster and it’s tight competition.

Which makes it all the more curious is that Topps called Hankerson a “top draft pick” and puts him in the same company as Cam Newton and Mark Ingram.

Whatever their reasons, they’re banking on Hankerson making the team.

No pressure or anything.

The cards are due out in July. Not sure what they’ll do with the cards if Hakerson doesn’t make the team, or if there is no season. Maybe they can donate them to Haiti

(Image courtesy Hankerson's Twitter feed)

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