Three of D.C.'s Four Sports Teams Rank in Bottom Half of Uni Watch's Power Rankings

Uni Watch is the preeminent source for all things jerseys. Proprietor Paul Lukas really has an eye for sports-related fashion and opines on the subject regularly on his own site and ESPN.

This week, Lukas unveiled his "Uni Watch Power Rankings" as he set out to judge all 122 North American professional sports teams' uniforms. Through Wednesday, he has released No. 122 (the worst of the worst) to No. 51. Unfortunately for D.C., three of our fair city's local teams rank in the bottom half.

The Capitals are the worst of Washington, coming in at No. 107, meaning that according to Lukas, only 15 teams in the NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB combined have worse jerseys than the Caps:

Yeesh, all those apron-string stripes and sleeve panels -- way too busy. And the shoulder logo has always looked like an eagle being impaled on an oil can. The throwback alternate helps, but it's too little, too late.

The Nationals follow at No. 87:

Much like the team itself, this uniform program has made some progress. But the home and red jerseys would look better if the number moved up to align with the W, the star-spangled jersey would look better if they locked it in a closet and pretended it never existed, and the whole package still feels a teeny bit generic. They're getting there, though.

Finally, the Redskins are the highest of the low at No. 62 (No. 61 being the halfway mark):

The Skins look great when they wear those flashy gold pants (which have their own Twitter feed!), they look OK when they wear the burgundy pants, and they should really give the white pants the heave-ho. The jerseys and helmet are OK, but the whole package is starting to feel a bit dated.

Fifty teams remain, including the Wizards, whose new jerseys must have impressed Lukas.

Congratulations, Wizards. You may not have won a meaningful game in years, but at least you can claim an aesthetic victory over your D.C. brethren.

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