Ted's Sing-a-Long

Caps owner wants fans to sing anthem

Ted Leonsis hopes you're not an America-hating pinko commie.  If you're a red- white- and blue-blooded, flag-waving patriot, then the lovable Caps owner wants you to show it!

Ted's asking fans to start singing along with the National Anthem at the beginning of Caps games.  Now that they're winning, and the bandwagon's filling, he doesn't have to worry about voices echoing off all the empty seats at the Phone Booth.

When the crowd's full and all are singing, it's an amazing effect.  A few seasons back when the Edmonton Oilers were in the Cup Finals, the sound of the crowd singing along with "O, Canada" melted the hearts of even the most fervent moose-hater.

But if Ted's suggestion catches on, the biggest benefit might be the side effect: drowning out the yahoos who shout "O!"

While they contend that shouting is a sign of respect for Ovie (and before that Olie), it's a backwater Baltimore tradition that should've died when the Caps left Landover.

Some fans have protested by shouting "Red!" as a form of protest that isn't all that effective if you stop and think about it.

Both groups will hopefully be silenced by the sounds of 18,000 cynical Washington citizens warbling and screeching to the anthem before their second beer kicks in.

If the effect works, Ted's certainly improved the atmosphere.

So the next time you go to a Caps game, don't just rock the red.  Be sure to bring your own miniature American flag and wave it proudly.  And sing away!

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment, and he has a beautiful baritone voice.

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