Swimming to Fight MS

Sisterhood of swimmers took bad news and turned it into opportunity

They were inseparable on Villanova's swim team 3 years ago. Then something started to happen to Lauren Schulman only a year after graduation.

The constant tiredness and blurred vision that Schulman experienced was symptoms of multiple sclerosis. That’s when this sisterhood of swimmers took bad news and turned it into an opportunity to make a difference.

All four leave next Friday to tackle all 21 miles of the dark, choppy, and cold saltwater English Channel. It’s all to help raise money and awareness for the disease that is slowly stripping the life from their best friend.

Trista Felty, Tori DeLollo, and Kiersten Rosenberg have been training for the grueling swim with their former coach for nearly a year. Lauren will have to sit this one out though, cheering them on from a nearby boat.

Most swimmers succumb to hypothermia when braving the Channel. Since the women are not allowed to wear their hi-tech bodysuits to keep their core body temperature up, they will turn to duck fat to stay warm.

The women realize the odds are not in their favor to finish the race but when they look at their friend, not even the Mt. Everest of swimming can stop them.

To find out more about the determined swimmers fight against multiple sclerosis visit their website. You can also donate money to the National MS Society and help with the expenses of their trip.

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