Some Redskins Say Camp Not So Tough

Sellers, Carter brush off two-a-days

Has Redskins coach Jim Zorn been a pushover in training camp?

With two-a-days ending Thursday, some of the players said this year's version of Camp Zorn wasn't all that difficult.

"It was a great camp, and Coach took great care of us," fullback Mike Sellers said. "He gave us a lot of time off just to recuperate, and he actually gave us a night off last night. This was probably one of the best camps I've been in."

Hmm, doesn't seem like Zorn was much of a disciplinarian with quotes like that coming out of Redskins Park.  But maybe he pulled back on the reigns after a bevy of minor injuries the first few days of camp.

Nonetheless, at least one other veteran thought two-a-days were a piece of cake.

"With 10 being the hardest," Andre Carter said, "I'd give this a level 6, level 5."

Can anyone say wind sprints after Saturday's game?

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