Report: Search of Burress' Home Turns Up Weapons

Seizure possibly sets up the embattled player for more legal trouble

Authorities seized a small cache of weapons and ammunition from the New Jersey home of New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress, the New York Post and Newsday both reported Wednesday, possibly setting up the embattled player for more legal trouble.

The Post, citing anonymous law enforcement sources, said a 9-mm handgun, a rifle and ammunition for three other guns — a .380, a .45 and a .40, the same caliber of gun Burress accidentally shot himself with — were seized during the execution of a search warrant at Burress' home in Totowa.

Benjamin Brafman, the star receiver's criminal attorney, said Tuesday night that he was aware of only a rifle being taken from the home.

"I believe it was registered, but we're looking into that now," Brafman said. "I'm not informed at this time that he is facing additional charges."

If the weapons are unregistered, Burress could face more charges in New Jersey in addition to the two felony gun-possession charges he was slapped with following the accidental shooting at a Manhattan nightclub last month.

"It is not illegal in New Jersey to have a registered weapon in your home," Brafman said.

Burress was not at home during the search by Totowa police, the NYPD and officials from the Manhattan District Attorney's office — though sources said his wife was at home. Brafman said his client is "out of town" but did not elaborate.

Also found in the search — but not seized, since it was unconnected to any criminal allegations — was a suitcase full of money.

Sources also said that no permits for the weapons were found.

Burress accidentally shot himself in the thigh at the Latin Quarter nightclub on Nov. 29 when he fumbled with an unlicensed handgun tucked into the waistband of his sweat pants. He checked himself into New York-Cornell Hospital and later turned himself in to police.

The Giants suspended the Super Bowl hero for the rest of the season following the shooting and also withheld $1 million owed to him as part of his signing bonus.

Burress is due back in court on March 31 and faces up to 3 1/2 years in prison on each count.

Burress was also sued last week in Florida's Broward County Circuit Court for rear-ending a woman in May while driving his nearly $140,000 Mercedes-Benz without insurance.

Compounding the Super Bowl star's defense, according to a document provided by the woman's attorney, is the fact his car insurance lapsed three days before the crash. A letter from Allstate says Burress neglected to pay his premiums.

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