Redskins in Middle of Draft Day Intrigue

Team reportedly considering two injured quarterbacks with 4th overall pick

When your team wins four games in a season, the highlight of the year is the offseason. Redskins fans cannot wait until April 22, when they’ll find out who the team selects in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

The Redskins have the fourth overall pick, and there’s mounting speculation they are going to use it on a quarterback. 
If you listen to the experts, Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford is expected to go high in the draft despite the season-ending surgery he had on his throwing shoulder. There are reports that Bradford could even be the top overall pick.
Bradford is from Oklahoma, and is of Cherokee descent, so drafting him could create an interesting situation for the Redskins. The team has often come under fire from Native Americans who say the name is offensive.
In a Washington Post report, Bradford says he would not rule out playing for the Redskins despite the team’s name.
Redskins fans might consider that to be good news. The bad news is no one will get to see Bradford throw a football before the draft. He isn’t going to participate in the NFL Combine. Neither is the other man the Redskins are reportedly seriously considering.
Jimmy Clausen is also recovering from surgery on his toe. Clausen is reportedly high on the Redskins draft board, but it remains to be seen if throwing big money at a young quarterback will fix what ails the team. 
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