The Redskins' Fabulous Helmet Makeover

It's either beautiful or hideous

Did you ever think to yourself, "Hey, you know I'd really like to be a Redskins fan, but their name and that goofy logo on the helmet seem kind of racist to me?"  Or perhaps you've thought, "You know, I just can't get into the Skins 'cause their helmet just isn't fab-u-lous enough?" 

Well, as legions of shows on Bravo have showed us, that's why God made fashion designers and artists.

Designer Ken Carbone, writing for, thinks that the NFL's helmets are way too bland:

"Today's high-tech helmet with its wireless headset and polycarbonate visor has come a long way from the padded leather ones of yesterday. It not only serves its essential protective function but is also a gleaming sign for a team's brand. Yet in many cases the graphics are blunt and formulaic, usually involving slapping the team's primary logo on both sides of the helmet."

He's especially hateful toward the Redskins logo, calling it a "visually complicated mess" and complaining that it's hard to see and identify on television.

So off he sent it to the drawing board, getting another designer to sketch out an idea.  And what can we say: We give it two snaps up in a figure eight.

Gone is the somewhat-embarrassing Indian, but not the Indian motif.  Rather than full on racism, the designer settles for quasi-racism, turning the helmet into a feathered headdress.  It keeps the same beloved color scheme (note to Coach Zorn: B-U-R-G-U-N-D-Y), but adds a few stylistic feathers flowing back.

It's just like "Dancing With Wolves," but with a 400-pound panting Haynesworth.  (Maybe he was one of the buffalo?)

Love it?  Hate it?  Is it a fashion disaster?  How glad are you that they don't actually wear their proposed Patriots helmet?

All we know (or at least suspect) is that somewhere in his evil lair, Danny Snyder is considering the merchandising possibilities.

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