Redskins' Cooley Says Philly Stinks — Must Be the Eggs

Redskins Pro-Bowl tight end Chris Cooley never strayed away from controversy or from a good quote as was evident by his latest stabs at the City of Brotherly Love.

Philly is Cooley's least favorite city, he told Sport Illustrated.

"I really don't like Philly. I got a cheesesteak the first time I went there, but other than that, there's just nothing exciting about Philly," Cooley said.

Nothing exciting! How can that be a case when this incident happened?

"We got eggs thrown at our bus when we came into town last season." That's how some rabid Eagles fans welcomed the Skins to Philly, said Cooley.

Eggs thrown at a bus seems pretty exciting to us.

A Philly blog site summed up Cooley's comments best. "There's also a fun little story about the Redskins tight end ending up on the floor of the team plane after 14 mini bottles. Good times. Also, to say "there's just nothing exciting about Philly" pretty much renders every other comment that dude says worthless," wrote The 700 Level.

Cooley was no stranger to bizarre behavior. Just last weekend he was seen dancing around a Bar Mitzvah and last season he accidentally posted a photo of his "junk" online. And, let's not forget his short shorts.

Cooley must just like the attention. Heck, he even posted the SI interview on his own blog.

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