When it comes to urinal photos, Danny Briere takes the cake

As we told you earlier this week, the Washington Capitals have a rather shameless fan who prints up tiny images and places them in the bottom of men's room urinals at Verizon Center during games against big rivals, like the Pittsburgh Penguins and New York Rangers.

He struck again in last night's win over the Philadelphia Flyers with his latest creation: "Peeiere," his ode to center and Capitals' rival Daniel Briere. It's no Sidney Crosby "I'm Thirsty," but it'll do.

Dan Steinberg had a note about this in his DC Sports Bog column about the Capitals/Flyers fan rivalry in the stands last night, in which he discovered a surprising amount of affection between warring factions. He also published this "So Easy, Even a Flyers Fan Can Do It" Geico parody poster carried by venerable Capitals fan Horn Guy ... which reaches previously unreachable heights of irony when you consider what other fan bases say about Ovechkin.

Finally -- and apologies for all the Caps/Flyers content today, other 28 teams -- On Frozen Blog wants to see the Southeast Division "dissolved" and the Capitals moved back with their natural rivals from the former Patrick Division. So, like, contraction then?

Check out the full photo stream of CapsDC, the brave fan who snapped the Peeiere shot.

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