Video: Milbury gets Crosby on record that he never beat his dog

Like any star, part of Sidney Crosby's(notes) job is to humor members of the media when they regurgitate one of the 20 or so asinine questions Crosby's asked in seemingly every interview -- Mario, Ovechkin, Stanley Cup, pressure, yadda yadda.

Perhaps that's why the Pittsburgh Penguins captain had a palpable look of amusement and comic relief on his face when the mind of NBC analyst and "pansification" theorist Mike Milbury produced one of the single greatest questions we've ever heard in a between-periods interview during the Detroit Red Wings vs. Chicago Blackhawks game on Sunday:

"I just want to know if you have a dark side. Did you ever put a tack on a teacher's seat, or did you ever have to stay after school or beat your dog or anything?"

The question is at the 1:13 mark. For the impatient, Wrap Around Curl has the clip from the 'ole DVR on YouTube.

And you thought trading Roberto Luongo(notes) and Zdeno Chara(notes) was nutty. In Milbury's world, prepubescent hijinks never evolved from Spanky in a "Little Rascals" episode. And acting up in school is apparently comparable to animal cruelty. "So, Mr. Vick, did you ever throw a paper airplane at the blackboard or ... ?"

It was a little strange to see NBC run a clips package of the Penguins vs. the Washington Capitals on Sunday afternoon, what with the Crosby vs. Ovechkin series over for several days and it having only appeared on the network once. But it worked as a lead-in to this Crosby interview ... even if Sidney and the Penguins have been shunned from the Peacock for the conference finals.

The Penguins and the Carolina Hurricanes get things rolling this evening in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals, as Carolina hopes to slow down the playoffs' leading scorer. Good luck with that; as Rob Rossi points out, Crosby is on pace to challenge the Penguins' franchise record for goals in a postseason and, if the Penguins advance, may be in the midst of one of the greatest individual playoff goal-scoring runs in NHL history.

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