Old Man and the Cheese

Another round in Kornheiser v. Steinberg

If this were a prize fight, the old man with the comb-over would be yelling "no mas!" 

The on-again, off-again, on-again, off-again feud between the WaPo's Dan Steinberg and former Postie/current TV yodeler Tony Kornheiser is back on.  With A Vengeance!

Korny and Cheese Boy have ripped each other publicly back and forth for a while for sundry meaningless, contrived reasons.  But with the old man taking the Post's buyout to become a full-time TV pro, they seemed to have reached a detente.

'Til today.

Kornheiser went off on Gilbert Arenas in a podcast with some typically strong (and hyperbolic) comments: "Gilbert Arenas is the worst person on Earth. He’s a coach killer and a team killer. He’s a team killer, Gilbert Arenas. That’s why - he got Eddie Jordan fired. He didn’t play."

Steinberg -- who's partially hitched his wagon to the "I'm a star!" act of Arenas -- rises to the defense:

"Well, this is true. He didn't play. He didn't play because his knee broke. Tom Brady is also a team killer. So is Kevin Garnett. Jerks... Before his knee broke, Gilbert won the Wiz their first playoff series in two decades. He also filled the stands, sold jerseys, hit last-second shots, became the most popular athlete in this city and made people care about that sorry basketball franchise. That's a strange list of accomplishments for a team killer."

But the SportsBogger didn't stop there.  He called Tony a hypocrite for the "team killer" comments, punching out a list of "me-first" activities that Tony's done over the years:

"Still, if we really want to go down that team-killing road, I suppose we could talk about people who who actually got their colleagues fired, in this case colleagues without seven-figure golden parachutes. Or we could talk about people who go out of their way to publicly demean their co-workers, or people who were suspended for publicly criticizing management, or people who publicly called a co-worker a "two-bit weasel slug" for the offense of performing his job."

Ouch.  Maybe TK will respond through a bruised and battered face once he picks himself up off the mat.

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment.  Long ago, he learned that you never pick a fight with a vegetarian.

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