Not So Super Bowl Logo Unveiled

You'd think with the NFL marketing machine behind it, the Miami Super Bowl Committee would be a little more creative than this

The Super Bowl is as much known for its creative and funny commercials as it is for the game itself.

It's also dubiously known for its lack luster logos, which are as forgettable as many of the blow out games in the 90s. Looks like the 2010 version in Miami made it a goal to continue the trend.

It had to take a pain staking two minutes to come up with the Super Bowl 44 logo. We're talking actual conception and drawing time.

Unveiled in an equally bland press conference at Dolphin Stadium on Wednesday, the logo contains the standard Roman numerals and none of the flair people have come to associate with Miami.

If the Super Bowl is the most important and exciting sporting event in America, this logo is undoubtedly its antithesis.

Even the colors - red and blue - and block lettering are enough to bore a kindergartner to sleep.

The one "ingenious" addition to the numbers is a barely discernible goal post in between the "L" and "I" in the "XLIV." Whoever came up with that creative nugget probably made a cool million.

Miami is the first city to pull off the holy grail of professional football - hosting both the Super Bowl and the Pro Bowl in the same year. And this is how our marketing geniuses thank the football gods? And yes, they whiffed on the Pro Bowl logo, too.

This symbol will be plastered bus benches, billboards and every light post leading to the Magic City for the next nine months leading to the Super Bowl. What will visitors think?

Hopefully, the game will get more of a rise out of folks. If it doesn't, take comfort.

You could always say the Pro Bowl logo is even uglier.

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