Nene: Fan, Former Neighbor of Tim Tebow

The NFL grabbed several headlines Wednesday. From the sanctions handed down to the New Orleans Saints for "Bounty-Gate" to the Denver Broncos trading Tim Tebow to the New York Jets and Robert Griffin III's Pro Day, football (which has been out of season for about a month now) hogged the sports world's attention.

That trickle-down effect permeated the NBA as well, when newly-acquired Washington Wizards center Nene joined Mike Wise and Holden Kushner on 106.7 The Fan Wednesday to discuss his own arrival in Washington (he made his Wizards debut Wednesday in the team's 108-89 victory over the New Jersey Nets, scoring 22 points and grabbing 10 rebounds).

Between questions regarding his own career, Wise and Kushner asked Nene on his thoughts regarding Griffin and the possibility of something "Tebowmania"-like happening in D.C. if the Washington Redskins do select him with the second overall pick in next month's NFL Draft as expected.

Nene, formally of the Denver Nuggets, would know plenty about "Tebowmania," considering it took place right in his backyard. Or more appropriately, two or three yards down.

“Yes man. I’m a Tebow fan," Nene told Wise and Kushner. "He’s a friend. He’s my neighbor right there in Denver. You know he’s upset. He’s upset at the moment, but wherever he goes I know I believe he going to do it hard and going to do his best and nothing is ever going to change because I know God has a lot of plans in his life too.”

When asked how close he lived to Tebow, Nene said that he lived "two or three houses" away, but "didn't see him." That, however, does not make sense because if Tebow has been blessed by a high power like some thought he might be last season, then he should be everywhere, right? Then again, has anyone seen a god before? I have so many questions...

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