Deshaun Watson's Trade Request From Texans Resembles Trent Williams and Washington

Watson’s trade request resembles Trent Williams and Washington originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

In recent years, players threatening to sit out games in the NFL has become slightly more common. Feeling frustrated with their current situation, it's a way to try and create leverage in a game of chicken, hoping that the team will cede and give the player what they want.

Deshaun Watson is the latest example, as the quarterback has made it clear he wants out of Houston and reports state he's considering staying on the sidelines if he remains with the team this season in order to achieve that goal. However, NFL reporter John McClain is quick to point out that Watson's situation is different than others before him.

Unlike the sit-out involving the likes of Le'Veon Bell, McLain noted on 106.7 The Fan's Finlay & BMitch that Watson's has nothing to do with compensation. If anything, Watson's situation is more similar to the likes of a player Washington fans are familiar with. 

“This one is totally different," McClain said. "Every other time I’ve seen a guy hold out it was involving money. And then Trent Williams pops up and he just wants to get away from there and it’s unique."

Money certainly isn't the issue for Watson. A recent contract extension has him earning an average salary of around $39 million per year. Instead, Watson wants a new start because of a clash with the organization, specifically the front office.

For those who have followed the Washington Football Team recently, it mimics that of what the organization went through with the star left tackle in 2019.

Williams, after having a cancerous growth on his head removed following the 2018 season, did not report to camp with the team in 2019. It was noted that he frustrated with how the team's medical staff handled the ailment and that his anger toward the organization only grew.

After not playing for all of the 2019 season, Williams was finally able to seek a trade after it was clear the relationship with Washington was beyond repair. He was then traded to the San Francisco 49ers during the 2020 NFL Draft for two middle-round picks.

Williams is a Houston native, but according to McClain, he hasn't heard anything about the left tackle sharing his experience with Watson.

“Oh, I don’t know, even though he lives here, his name’s never come up in relation to Watson," McClain said.

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Even if the two haven't connected, Watson can view what happened to Williams as a potential pathway to what could await him in the future. Judging off of Williams' 2020, he may be pleased with it.

Williams was able to get what he wanted and then put together a Pro Bowl season with San Francisco. Now entering this offseason, he's set himself up for another nice contract. 

McClain believes Watson too can come out the other side and benefit from it. Even though it's challenging right now, Williams showed that it's possible for players to anchor in their demands to get what they want. Now, McClain feels that eventually, some team is going to get very lucky and get a generational-type quarterback.

"But hey, it worked for him [Williams] and I’m sure it will work for Watson," McClain said. 

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