Mystics Over Capitals: Obama Explains

To a hockey fan in the Washington region, the image above is enough to make his or her ice boil.

That's President Barack Obama taking in a Mystics game with daughter Sasha and friend Sunday at the Verizon Center.

While the idea of the president watching some WNBA action in and of itself isn't an injustice, the fact that Obama checked out the Mystics before attending a Capitals game in the District is a travesty to those who Rock the Red.

How could this happen? How does the NHL get bumped down to a level below the WNBA? Oh the humanity...

But wait, the president can explain, according to Caps owner Ted Leonsis, who wrote about it on his blog:

Here is what the President of the United States said to me last night about attending a Caps game.

“Ted - I will come to a Caps game; I intended to come to a playoff game last season; and then I looked and you were done in the first round; after a 3 to 1 lead - sorry about that…”.

I said;  "Thank you sir for reminding me of that…”.

So there you go, hockey fans. Obama was apparently waiting until the Caps got out of the first round of the playoffs before making his inaugural Capitals appearance.

Unfortunately for Leonsis, when his team was booted unexpectedly by Montreal, he lost his chance to have a presidential party in the owner's box. Now, Leonsis and hockey fans across the area might have to wait until next May for their next chance to spot Obama sporting an Ovechkin jersey.

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