Mystics Need Tour Guide: Paging John Wall

The Mystics are working with new head coach Trudi Lacey, which means some adjusting for the players on the court. But for some of the ladies, off-court adjustments are posing some challenges as well. 

The biggest? Learning their way around D.C.

Nicky Anosike, who was traded to the Mystic from Minnesota this past off-season, has been having a bit of a rough time getting around.

“Coming back from the nail shop yesterday, I really got lost and I ended up in a whole different city,” she said. “So, I’m not adjusted yet, on or off the court.”

Anyone who navigates this city regularly knows that getting lost can be an easy thing to do, so we can’t fault her.

Veteran player Crystal Langhorne has employed a bit of tough love when it comes to showing the newcomers around.

“We have Google Maps and everything,” she laughed. “So they should be able to find their own way.”

Alana Beard seems to be a little more forgiving with the rookies.

“The first day we were here we came to watch the second practice and we found out that parking was too much, so we were going to have to walk back or take the train,” said rookie Jasmine Thomas.  “But A.B. gave us a ride.”

Ta’Shia Phillips has taken a different approach by avoiding travel all together.

“I have not gone anywhere except for the hotel to here, and here to the hotel,” said the adamant rookie. “Every once in a while I find food in between. That’s it.”
Unlike her teammates, first-round draft pick Victoria Dunlap has the option of a personal tour guide. After being drafted, fellow Kentucky alum John Wall reached out to her to congratulate her. Along with his sentiments was the offer to show her around.

Dunlap is confident that Wall will follow through on that promise.

 “I told him, ‘If you don’t, I’ll hurt you’,” she joked.

Yikes. If we were Wall, we’d get on that with a quickness.

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