Anger Issues For Blatche

One of the biggest criticisms the Wizards have faced is that there are certain players that aren’t mature enough to handle themselves. Andray Blatche has been labeled as one of those players.

So to prove his critics wrong, he refocused himself on his game and his team, right? Wrong. He apparently challenged a Twitter follower to a fight after the game this Saturday.

After an ugly exchange with a local, Dray (@drayblatche) tweeted:

"ok let's do this so everyone can see wat u bout let's meet n dc saturday after my game”

When his opponent didn’t bite, he tried again.

Forget the fact the team has totally lost its focus. That’s the least of the issues here.

Earlier this month, Redskins returner Brandon Banks was stabbed after an altercation outside a nightclub. Before he left that night, he tweeted where he would be going.

Blatche allegedly challenging someone to a fight in a public forum is dangerous, not just for him but for the rest of his team. It is juvenile, and does nothing to help the reputation of this team, this city and of NBA players in general.

The team needs take this type of behavior seriously and deal with it. Not with a statement saying that he’s “blowing off steam” and it’s a product of “frustrations.” That’s simply not good enough.

Enough words and statements. We want to see actions.

Update: According to the Washington Post's Michael Lee, the Wizards believe Blatche's claims that his Twitter feed was hacked and will not be disciplining him. The lesson here, kids, is do something stupid, blame someone else, get away with it.

Blatche later posted on Twitter (or at least someone who has access to his verified account) the following:

"If anyone really thinks that was me responding yesterday is crazy I just heard of this this morning"


"i would like for everyone to use there brain for a moment im hardly on here why would i wanna be on twitter in miami i tweeted 33 things"

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