Karl Alzner Reveals Why Hockey Players Don't Shoot When Implored By Fans

There are a number of sounds one will always hear at a hockey game: the slash of skates carving the ice, the snap of a perfectly executed tape-to-tape pass and thousands of people yelling "SHOOOOOOT!" at a moment's notice.

We know that the players on the ice -- in this instance, the Washington Capitals -- hear us imploring them to shoot instead of passing too much while on the power play, but we never knew what they thought of it/why they never listened to us. Until now.

Caps defenseman Karl Alzner took to Twitter Sunday to set the record straight:

Indeed it did, Karl. Unfortunately, "LOOK FOR LAAAAAAANES" does not seem to work well while being simultaneously yelled by tens of thousands of people, so "SHOOOOOOT" might be here to stay. Regardless, we appreciate the enlightenment.

Adam Vingan is co-founder and editor of Kings Of Leonsis, a Caps-centric blog, and is the Capitals Editor for SB Nation. Follow him on Twitter @Adam_KOL and e-mail your story ideas to adamvingan (at) gmail.com.

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