John Wall Honored on Worst “First Pitcher” List

John Wall has been given quite a few accolades in his one-year NBA career, but this is one honor that he might not want to brag about.

Man Cave Daily has ranked the five worst "first pitchers," and John Wall made the list.

Even worse, he's the only pro athlete on it.

Washington Wizards guard John Wall can throw a basketball 90-feet with remarkable accuracy. That’s why it was astounding to see Wall throw his pitch less than half of that before bouncing it into the dirt when he threw out the first pitch at Nationals game in June. Not only is Wall our first professional athlete on the list, he actually played baseball in high school. Watching the John Wall pitch is even more painful than watching a middle-aged weekend warrior doing the John Wall dance.

Considering that a basketball court is 94 feet long, we question the credibility of the argument that Wall can "throw a basketball 90-feet with remarkable accuracy."

Besides, comparing basketballs and baseballs is like comparing basketballs and baseballs. Put Stephen Strasburg at one end of a court with a basketball and let's see how accurate he is.

In other John Wall news...

He's expected at yet another star-studded exhibition game. [Wizards Insider]

Also star-studded was Wall's NYC birthday party. [She's So Major]

It looks like a different Wall birthday party might have gotten a little weird. [Sole Collector]

Apparently turning 21 necessitates big boy shoes. [The Basketball Jones]

Hopefully he's better at jet skiing than he is at pitching. [F*** Yeah John Wall]

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