Fred Smoot: Double-Handled G.M.

Smoot says it's about team, not individuals

Vinny Cerrato better look out.  There's a new guy after his job, and it's not someone you'd expect.

Fred Smoot said, "I want to be a G.M. of a major franchise," in an interview with Homer McFanboy.

What would qualify Smoot to be the first double-handled G.M.?

"You know, I’m an off-the-field genius...

"Considering my knowledge of football is impeccable as far as me knowing talent, as far as me loving watching the college game, knowing athletes – my best thing would be putting teams together.  Like, I understand the aspect of you could put 53 all-stars together and still lose, but I know if you put 53 guys together and they care for each other and work as a team, you gonna win every time. I think that’s what the NFL is starting to show each and every year because New England and the Pittsburgh Steelers play as a team. Teams win championships, individuals sell tickets."

Somewhere in a 27,000-square-foot Potomac-side mansion, a tiny man's ears are burning.

As far as building a team that cares for each other and works for one another, Smoot -- the former Social Director for the Minnesota Vikings -- probably knows a thing or two about that.  Although if you see and hear strange things coming from a boat steaming up the Anacostia, you might want to avert your eyes.

Smoot's interest in being a G.M. begs the question, would Smoot give himself that contract?  Five years and $21 million for a good, but not great cornerback?

Either way, Vinny's probably not shaking in his boots tonight, especially because Smoot says he's going to play until he's 40.  So Vinny's got a few more years to run the franchise into the ground before Smoot takes over.

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