Your Next Galatico, Usain Bolt?

The world's fastest man and the world's most glamorous club -- no, not Manchester City -- would seem like a match made in heaven. Thursday news broke that Spanish power Real Madrid has invited Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt to watch an upcoming match at the Bernabéu and perhaps even train with the team and hang out with Ruud van Nistelrooy -- naturally every gold medal winner's dream.

This folks, is a publicity stunt. There is no way that Bolt will even turn out on the pitch for Los Merengues other than in still photo with smiling club dignitaries. It's one thing to be fast running around a track, it's an entirely different set of encyclopedias to try to apply that discipline of running to a world-class soccer match.

Can Bolt even dribble a ball? If so at what speed? Does he have touch?

It would be a whole lot easier for Bolt to suit up on an NFL field and simply run fly patterns, as opposed to the soccer option. Just think, in baseball just because someone is fast doesn't necessarily make them a good base-stealer. That same logic would apply to playing soccer.

In any event, whether this leads to Michael Phelps being brought in by Chelsea to show Frank Lampard to properly consume a 12,000 calorie a day diet remains to be seen.

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