Warner, Keano Exchange Barbs

Professional soccer players will never be considered the most mature in the world -- a lot of them are just overgrown children. That's expected at this point, but managers and even confederation presidents? Shouldn't we expect them to operate in a professional manner?

That's asking too much, as today an absolutely brilliant pissing match emerged between CONCACAF President Jack Warner -- the same man who was investigated for selling 2006 World Cup tickets at an inflated value -- and Sunderland manager Roy Keane -- the same man who called Republic of Ireland coach Mick McCarthy a "wanker" in training before the 2002 World Cup, which got him sent home shortly before the finals began.

In short, the spat began because Keane recalled T&T veteran Dwight Yorke back to England for training before 2010 CONCACAF qualifiers against Cuba and the U.S. The feisty Irishman took offense that Warner used FIFA letterhead in his initial rebuking and responded with a blistering attack on Warner.

''He is probably a small man and he has got this 'Small-Man Syndrome'. The world is against him. If he is writing a letter representing Trinidad, why is he putting it under FIFA? If he is vice-president - and remember, he is vice-president, he is not president yet - God help us. People worry about the game and agents and directors of football and managers losing their jobs - we should be worried about people like him."

After trading letters, it's safe to say these two will not be exchanging Christmas cards in a couple months.

Sunderland plays at Wigan Athletic Saturday in the Premier League.

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