Too Much Chardonnay Turning Dodger Stadium Into Thunderdome

For years Dodger fans have been labeled as some of the least involved in baseball. They came late, left early and made very little impression even as they filled the park with some of the highest attendance figures in baseball. I don't know if it was the addition of Joe Torre and Manny Ramirez but something's got the laid-back Californians in a lather these days.

Today's Los Angeles Times features an article about a perceived rise in alcohol-fueled misbehavior even as stadium security took on an increased presence in recent years. One LAPD officer interviewed by the paper as he worked the game gave a thumbs-down to the idea that a night in Chavez Ravine was appropriate for all ages.

"I wouldn't have my family here," said the officer, as he stood watch by the left-field pavilion.

Really? Dodger Stadium? That's Pat Sajak up there, for heaven's sakes! Does he ask you to fill in the missing letter of the popular phrase "I'm gonna kick your a__" to fans of other teams? That really ruins the idea I had of celebrities milling about, apathetic to the game going on, while discussing botox over brie and a crisp '02 Bordeaux. Then they'd leave early, go to a party at Hef's and make movies about talking dogs.

Happily, that image is still somewhat accurate. Robert Wuhl, star of "Arliss," was interviewed as he left in the eighth inning but if you had something to do with that show you'd probably avoid large crowds too.


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