Tom Glavine Is Selling a Very Large House

Hey there, fellow not-very-rich people. Want to hear about a rich guy's house? Of course you do.

Tom Glavine is selling his mansion in Alpharetta, Georgia, for a whopping $3.75 million. Whoa:

Glavine's home is an impressive 14,550 square feet and done in an elaborate style that includes columns, curved staircases, large crystal chandeliers and tall windows adorned with elaborately swagged curtains. Oh I could go on about the curtains but the Real Estalker summed it up by calling them "some of the ugliest swagged curtains Your Mama has ever seen." And they aren't just in the living room and the dining room, the Glavine's curtain craze has made it into the bedrooms and bathrooms as well.

The vital information I did not know about Tom Glavine: He has a serious issue with really ugly curtains. Good to know.

In the meantime, there a few sets of implications here. Baseball-wise, does it mean Glavine is suddenly poachable, eager to move to a different city and restart his baseball career? FanHouse friend Craig says no; he's merely moving up the street. As for the economic implications, is selling one's house really advisable in this current climate? I honestly don't know, which is why I ask -- wouldn't it be a prudent financial decision to wait until the housing crisis, and every other crisis, has passed?

I suppose $3.75 million as a starting price sort of insulates one against the vagaries of economic turmoil, but still. Where's Glavine's accountant on this?

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