The CC Sabathia Rumor Mill Is Churning

As inevitable post-season rumors go, the Yankees getting involved in the CC Sabathia bidding is about as foregone of a conclusion as there is right now. The Yankees missed the playoffs for the first time in a decade and a half right now, they're awash with cash, and CC Sabathia is not only the best pitcher in either league at the moment, but a free agent. Even if the brash Hank Steinbrenner weren't running the team, it'd make logical sense for the Yankees to be in in the bidding. Well, it makes logical sense to everyone but Tracy Ringolsby. Buried in his notes column today is this gem:

The Yankees aren't expected to make a strong pitch for potential free-agent left-hander CC Sabathia, whom they fear might be too laid back for the turmoil of the Bronx.

But ... who says that? Ringolsby? His sources? The underpants gnomes? Why did that item run after a blurb about Jerry DiPoto? One would think that real information about where the biggest free agent on the market was going to land would be worth more than one sentence in the bottom of a notes column.

This seems more a set-up for an "I told you so" column down the road. I mean, I freely admit that Ringoslby might have some information that we don't, but don't you think that the ex-President of the Baseball Writers Association of America would do a better job presenting that information?

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