NBA Essentials: The Long ‘Goodbye Dirk' Tour

NBA Essentials ranks our six favorite stories of the day.

1. Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. Dirk follows Shaq's lead, announces his retirement date a few years ahead of time.

2. San Jose Mercury News. Chris Mullin doesn't seem at all mad at Monta Ellis. Turns out Mully is a Vespa enthusiast too.

3. Sacramento Bee. Randy Brown tried to punk Kevin Martin. It would have been a good one.

4. Indy Cornrows. Making the case for bringing Mike Dunleavy Jr. -- possibly Indiana's best scorer -- off the bench.

5. Blazers Edge. How trade sausage is made.

6. Toronto Star. The new Raptors road alts are pretty hot. Every fanbase wants black jerseys.

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